I started this blog after beginning therapy for borderline personality disorder.  I’m 56 and didn’t know there was something called BPD until the summer of 2012.  The past eight months have been torturous.  It’s not easy going through the fallout of my husband being arrested, losing his job, doing 30 days in jail and then hearing from the therapist that if either my husband or I had been healthy emotionally, we would never have gotten married.

That’s how screwed up we were and are.  How we ever raised two decent, loving, functional daughters is the absolute Grace of God.  The fact that we are still married after 34, nearly 35 years is the sheer Grace of God as well.

I have no idea what will be posted here from day to day.  I don’t edit except to do spellcheck, so everything written is in its raw form.  Somedays, it’s all I can do to get it typed and posted.

I’m hoping that this blog will help me, and possibly help someone else.