So effing pissed off

by irenedavid

I’m so sick of people who have NO IDEA of what living with long-term depression is like, and who have NO IDEA of all the stress with which I have dealt and am stilling dealing.

Fake it til you make it…………what a load of mask-wearing shit

Find someone else who is going through the same thing, help them out, and you will get through what you’re going through……………..sorry, you don’t have a clue of what you speak

I’m still in counseling after 5.5 years because the damage rained down on me for years is still affecting me.  Damage I had nothing to do with.  Honestly.  People who were supposedly the people who would love me most just took such delight in bringing horrible pain and doubts to me.

“You’ll know why you had to go through this someday.”  Shut the f$#% up.