Humans are pathetic lot…

Just imagine that your favorite-of-all-time actor or actress calls you out of the blue and asks you to come and be a bit player in a movie they have written and are going to direct. They know you’ve never done any big-time acting before, but you’ll get to talk to them everyday, they will personally give you lessons in the art of acting. How many of us would say, “Okay, but I don’t want a bit part, and I’d like to have some say in how the movie goes, and there will days when I just don’t want to show up.”

Not me…if Sir Laurence Olivier (who I think is the greatest actor I have personally ever seen act) called me up and made me that offer, I would stumble all over myself just to be able to spend time with him, and any acting advice he gave me, I would practice over and over.
Sadly, I must confess that Jesus has already made me this offer, and yet, day after day, I tell Him I want to play a different role, I’d like to change the storyline, and some days, I don’t even bother to show up to listen to Him. I am embarrassed. Christ has invited me into His story and I have not taken every opportunity to be next to Him on the set, to catch every word He speaks. I want Him to be a bit player in my movie. How incredibly sad and idiotic the human heart can be.