My last scheduled day of babysitting…

by irenedavid

Today is my las scheduled day of babysitting my youngest granddaughter.  Every Wednesday, and a few Fridays, for the past four months, I have driven 30 miles to stay with my youngest grand.  It has been a time of calm for me.  She’s an incredibly happy, contented baby, and a good sleeper, so I have had a quiet place to work on my recovery materials and get a dose of fuzzy head love.

I can’t believe how much she has changed, even in the last 10 days.  Pretty sure the tears will flow at least once today.

I’m glad to be here today; it’s my second day away from work this week, but it’s good I’m away from the office today.  The desire to throttle co-workers was intense yesterday.

And so, as yesterday taught me, there are still anger issues I need to work through.  Frustration about what I am doing in this life.  Impatience about having any idea about how my life may be next month.

I think the real problem is that U.S. Christians are, for a great part, absolutely spoiled babies…myself leading the parade!  We live so well compared to the rest of the world.  We want to know what God has planned for us…now!  Or we are skating along with complacency because life is comfortable and we hear a “good” sermon every Sunday.  I have friends who attend a big church in this area.  They are always talking about the fantastic sermons they hear on Sunday and how it really makes them think.  But their lives haven’t changed much in the 10 years that we’ve known them.  I’m really trying not to judge, but if everyone in my town who went to church and heard “fantastic” sermons enacted a fraction of the messages they hear, this town would be noticably different from other towns.  Noticably….and yet, it’s not.

Believe me, I have skated along with everyone, but two years ago, I got a serious wake-up call.  So now, I think about my life in Christ A LOT!  But I’m still pouting because I really just want to know what’s going to happen in the next ten years.