What in the World is God up to?

Month: November, 2013

She’s finally here…and she’s absolutely precious

Granddaughter #4 finally put in her appearance on 11/12/13.  After being 2 weeks overdue, she still took 27 hours to show up.  Stubborn like her Momma—and beautiful like her Momma—and precious like her Momma and Daddy, cousins, aunt and uncle.

I am still in therapy.  I think there is some improvement, but I hesitate to say that because it is so SLOW.

I am taking a songwriting course.  It’s fascinating.  I’m not very good at it, but it’s been fun and has stretched my brain….and my patience.

God is good.



And we’re still waiting on Grandbaby #4…

My youngest daughter (she’s 30) is now 9 days past her due date.  Her doc said since she and the baby are fine, he will wait to induce until Monday.  I told her this was payback–she was 13 days overdue.  I’m not as nervous about it as I was last week; don’t really know why.

I have joined a face-to-face women’s support group.  It’s taken me a long time to do that.  I was involved with one online, but I used a fake name and no one had a clue who I really was.  Well, this blog is written under a fake name as well……..anyhoo, the women who are in the group have to agree to keep their flipping mouths shut and not talk about what is said in the group.

Now, I have NEVER trusted women, not even my best friends, because so many women–and I know this sounds sexist, but dammit, ladies, it’s true–can NOT keep a confidence.    Imagine my surprise when, three weeks in, I discover by accident that one of the women has blabbed to her husband about things that were mentioned in our group.  As ironic as it seems, I really was surprised and quite Pissed Off.  So that’s another thing I’ve had to discuss with my therapist.

One of the women in the group has kinda singled me out to befriend, but I’m not sure if she truly likes me or if she thinks I am a path back into her ex’s life because he is a friend of my husband’s.   Still mulling that over, but I think I will find out quickly because I am not going to say a word about him.  I will listen when she needs me to, but I will not speak of him.  If she asks, I will be honest and tell her that trying to finagle a man back into your life that has left you is not a good way to treat yourself.

My husband is doing really well.  His recovery has been more of a steady spiral up than mine.  I still can’t get through a visit with my therapist without crying at some point.  The weird thing is that I have not cried in the women’s group, but I know why that is–I haven’t told them anything specific that makes me feel vulnerable.  Wonder if I ever will?  Probably not as long as the blabbermouth is in the group.

Ladies, if you’ve committed to keeping a secret, KEEP IT!  Or pay a therapist and tell them.  If they talk about it, they lose their license and their income.

And stay away from narcissistic therapists.  I can’t say that enough.