Wowser…life is a wild ride

by irenedavid

It’s been nearly two weeks since I last posted anything here…it seems like eons ago.

My youngest daughter (she’s a grown woman, but still my baby) is one day past due with her first baby.  I’m a bit nervous about it.  It’s difficult  when your baby is having a baby.  She’s the kid who said she would never have kids.  Of course, she’s the one who thought she’d never get married, and she’s the one who, when she first met her eventual husband, would have said she’d never marry him.

But still, she’s my baby, so I’m on edge.

I have joined a women’s recovery group, which I said I’d never do.  Three weeks in, one of the women in the group broke the rule of confidentiality and told her husband something that had been said in the group.  He promptly went to the guy that was mentioned and told him what his wife had told him.  Jerks.  Sorry, I know that’s ugly, but dang it, that has created some nasty fallout for several people, and caused me to decide I won’t be sharing anything very personal if this woman is still in the group.  Sharing some of the crap in my life is why I joined the group.

Still seeing my original therapist; he’s very good.  My “fiasco” therapist is a narcissist.  He would tell you he’s a borderline, but I think he uses that line just to rope in borderlines because he feeds off their need for his affirmation.  Be careful when you chose a therapist; unfortunately, many narcissists get into the field because it feeds their ego.

My husband and I are doing pretty well.

I’m still in the middle of figuring out my theology.

I just wish this grandbaby would show.