It would appear that I am getting a little better…

by irenedavid

One sign of my healing and “recovery” has to be how less often I post here, and write in my journal.  For so long, the frustrations, aches, anger and pleas just had to be written down.  My journal was an every day thing, sometimes twice a day.  This blog was a nearly every day thing when it started, but it’s been a while since I wrote here.

I’m so glad to be back with my original therapist.  He never tosses out some little “cuteism” just to sound cool.  He is thoughtful about the things I say to him.  He’s young (31), but he knows the responsibility that comes with working in the therapy field.  I don’t think my “fiasco therapist” gave a s**t; he was more concerned with being “hip” and the witty guy.  That’s why I think he is a narcissist.  However, after having a very teary session with my original, I did send the “fiasco” an email forgiving him for his behaviour and his sorry-ass excuse for that behaviour.  I just need to leave him behind.

God has been doing amazing things with my husband.  I’m slightly jealous, but I’m more happy for him than jealous of him. 

We will have a new grandchild in about 5 weeks.  The gender is still unknown because that’s how the parents wanted it.  I like that.

I am still praying a lot.  Haven’t been in my sexual abuse workbook this week; too much else to think about.

But I do think I am getting better.