Sin is Like Bamboo…

by irenedavid

My husband and I have a dear friend who comes to our house every Tuesday to have a Bible study.  This man was an incredible blessing for my husband last year when my husband was trying to recover from his arrest for trying to shoot video up women’s dresses.  LOTS of “church” friends and family turned their backs to us, but he didn’t.

Yesterday, while he was here, we talked about the root of sin and how that causes all of the sins in our lives.  One of my kids is fighting bamboo in their backyard, and I realized how similar the problem with getting rid of bamboo is like getting rid of sin.  So I wrote this:

Bamboo can grow up to 40 feet tall here in the U.S., and to a thickness of 6 inches.  It can have a rate of growth of 36 inches in 24 hours.  A small stand of bamboo can take over your yard in a matter of months.  The individual stalks can be all sizes and widths and they are a pain to hack down.  But the real problem with bamboo is trying to get rid of it.  You can hack down the shoots, but the culprit is the  thick rhizome which sends runners out underground. These are uniformly thin and long, with erect culms or further horizontal rhizomes branching off them at intervals. These will grow dozens of new bamboo shoots yards away from the original stand.  If you don’t get rid of the hidden rhizomes, you will never be completely rid of the bamboo, which can take over a lawn.

Why am I talking about bamboo?  Because sin is like bamboo.  There are “big” sins and “little” sins in most people’s theology.  The sad fact is there is an inner sin that all the others grow from.  It is the sin of not believing God is good and God loves us.  What sin doesn’t grow from that?  I do not have a sin that does not grow from my inability to honestly believe that God loves me and He is good.  My worries, fears, anger, hunger for material things, and selfishness, the things that choke out the beauty in my life,  all rely on that “rhizome.”

If you have a stand of sin that you are dealing with, you can keep hacking away at the shoots, but if you don’t dig deeper and get rid of the “rhizome,” you’ll be fighting those sins that “show” the rest of your life.