Enough already…!

by irenedavid

I am so overwhelmed right now. I am reading and writing through a workbook to help me with my childhood issues. My therapist, who is thoughtful and not a bit narcissistic, gave it to me, and we will discuss parts of it in my sessions.
I am taking a course in Social Psychology; it’s not for credit, but it’s important to me to do well. I work for a healthcare provider, and right now healthcare is in tremendous flux and the changes that must be made for our office to stay “legal” involve a ton of paperwork and attendance at meetings. On top of that, several of the insurance companies we work with are changing their websites to make things “easier” for healthcare providers. I don’t know about you, but having to learn the “easier” websites is a major pain.
My husband still doesn’t have a full-time job, although God has been taking very good care of us, but I still feel stress about our finances.
On top of all of it, I am still so shaky in my theology, which is what I hate the most. But it will probably take the most work and the longest amount of time to settle.
I would give a lot for a weekend away in a hotel room located in a town
where I don’t know anybody.
People always say “God will never give someone more than they can handle.”
Sometimes, I wonder.