Is it Possible to Change….?

by irenedavid

I saw my therapist today. The session veered way off from where I had planned. I don’t know what happened-I started talking and was suddenly overwhelmed with frustration about how little change there has been in my spiritual growth in the last year. I think my therapist was stumped and really didn’t know what to say. He doesn’t understand my inability to always believe that God loves me unconditionally, and who can blame him? No one I’ve spoken to about it does.

So I thought I was making progress, but today I rolled back down the hill a little. Maybe I should stop reading Christian writers–there’s too many different theologies out there, even with writers that I agree with 98%. It’s the 2% that’s driving me nuts.

I’m still feeling some animosity from time-to-time with the fiasco therapist. Honestly, WTH? He lost his cool and he knows it, but he won’t admit it. My husband and I both agree on that.