Imagine My Surprise…(yeah, that’s sarcasm)

by irenedavid

Above is the link to an NBC news report from today.  Evidently, sibling bullying can leave lasting scars on the child that is bullied.

REALLY?  NO S**T?  Sorry to be so crude, but honestly!  They needed a study to figure that out?!  I could have saved them a lot of money.

God loves irony.  I know because today was my first “tragic memory” appointment with my therapist.  I answered questions for a four-page assessment of my trauma from certain memories that have shaped my life for the last 50 years.  I cried at some of the questions!  No discussion today, just questions, and they are enough to cause tears all these years later.

I haven’t even described in detail to my husband some of the sexual abuse.  I didn’t go into details with my “fiasco” therapist.  And now I’m on the path to telling a therapist that is young enough to be my youngest child the most embarrassing, humiliating, and painful moments of my childhood.

I really need God to show up big time for the future sessions.  And can I tell you how hacked I’m going to be if there is NOT a God?  If there’s not a God, someone is going to catch hell.

I sure hope I can sleep tonight.