Dear God, where are You?

by irenedavid

I honestly thought when the “anniversary” of my husband’s arrest had come and gone, I would start feeling better.

What a mistake.

Today started with me waking up from a bad dream that left me feeling like I was under the weight of a heavy oppression blanket.  Went to work and put out fires all morning–all of them started by a couple of co-workers who cannot seem to learn how to do their jobs correctly.  Then got a call from an extended family member relaying the news that her father had just been told he has less than six months to live.

My best friend is going on vacation tomorrow for 10 days.  I will miss her, but I’m so freaking jealous, too.  I have no idea when we will be able to go on a vacation again, if ever.  Went to the grocery store and had to pull up my pants constantly because I lost weight without trying last summer and I can’t afford to buy new clothes.

After having wonderful weather the first week of June, the heat has climbed into the mid-90’s.  I’m terrified that we will have another merciless summer, weatherwise.

The therapist who has done so much for my husband, me and our marriage is someone I can’t completely trust anymore.

What do You want, God?


What do You want, God?