It’s been a year…

by irenedavid

It truly has been a year.  The last 12 months have felt like one long, horrible, turbulent plane ride.  Have I mentioned I hate flying?  Anyway, I think I was in shock for the first two months, then the awful reality set in. 

The last three months have been rougher than I imagined. I guess I thought we would be further along in therapy, and financially.  But we have made progress and I’m hoping and praying (really hard) that the worst is over.

Still, we’re at home right now and my nerves are taut.  I want this day to be over.  I want to believe God will bring beauty from the ashes of this last year, to believe that someday I will truly and fully embrace that God feels the same for me as I feel for my two-month-old granddaughter when she is napping on my shoulder.  Tears just stream down my face when that fuzzy little head is on my shoulder.

I’m still conflicted about therapy with my “fiasco” therapist.  I’ve got to settle on something soon.

If you’re reading this, please pray for us.