Dear God, is there healing?

by irenedavid

Just watched a video of a psychologist talking about the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.  He said most therapists view it as a death sentence for healing.

God, tell me that is not true.

Reading different websites and blogs dealing with BPD are usually discouraging.  The outlook is often grim, and that just feeds my depression.  It doesn’t help that there are other stresses going on in my life that contribute to my depression.  It doesn’t help that one of the worst aspects of BPD is that I don’t trust people easily, and that translates into my inability to trust God.  I’m always waiting for the punch in the stomach.  And a great deal of the last year has been one long pounding.

Now throw in menopause, which I thought I was past.  But the hot flashes are back, sometimes several times a day, so I’m figuring my hormones are still whacky.  Menopausal hormone fluctuation is nasty enough on its own.

I cannot count the times I have been on my knees, begging for healing.  And now I’ve screwed up royally with my therapist.

Dear Lord, I am my own worst enemy…no, that’s not true.  satan just dogs me.

Heal me, Father.  Please.