I Need My Sleep

by irenedavid

I really need my sleep, so, of course,  I’ve been wide awake since 2:40 am.  I was getting drowsy again, so I got back into bed, which was the cue for my brain to rev up.

There’s a lot to think about–a new granddaughter who, hopefully, will make her debut today, my therapist’s desire to talk about his theology at a time when mine is so fragile that I’ve left his office three Mondays now feeling worse than when I went in, friends who were in Boston yesterday to watch their daughter run the marathon.

But I need sleep now because my daughter is going in a 8 am to be induced.  I love meeting new members of the family.  Knowing that another little one was on the way was an incredible bright spot in the past ten months.

Today is her day.  Please, Father, give her health, and her mom a safe delivery.  Draw her close to You from the beginning.