Tomorrow is the Anniversary…

by irenedavid

Tomorrow, April 14, will be the anniversary of a journey that I began after thinking about it for more than ten years.  It might also end up being the birthday of my third grandchild, if she decides to stop being stubborn and put in an appearance!

The journey I started three years ago was developing characters and writing a book.  It was supposed to be a one-off.  I knew how it would end and knew the ending would irritate some people, but I didn’t care.  It was going to end it the way I wanted because life is rarely clean and simple and has a fairytale ending. (Irony is a b***h, huh?)

So I began to write.  It was slow-going at first, but after about two months, the characters began to tell me the story while I just typed it as fast as possible.  There were a couple of mornings when my goal was to finish a certain portion of the book and I knew where it was going, but by the end of the day, the characters had taken the tale in a totally different direction.  I sound crazy, don’t I?  Well, I am a borderline, although I didn’t know that three years ago.  And I apologize to other borderlines.  We are not crazy.

Anyhoo, I finished the 300 page book in five months and began the editing process.  However, the characters wouldn’t let me sleep at night.  They were not finished telling their story and they did not appreciate the ending I had written. So in the middle of editing book one, I began the sequel.  Now that WAS crazy.

My husband and I took book one through 14 edits.  I started reading it early this week and it needs another edit.  I haven’t sold many copies, although I have received a couple of small royalty checks.  Doesn’t matter; I love those characters.  And I realized today that tomorrow is our anniversary of three years.

It’s weird; having your life shattered is like having a baby, in this respect.  You can’t remember what life was like before the event.  But thinking about my summer of writing in 2010 has brought a glimmer of memory back.  I thought I was happy then; actually, I was happy then.  I am just praying that there is more happiness ahead of us, although I can’t imagine feeling as carefree as I did back then.

But a new grandbaby is on the way and if she’s anything like her sisters, my delight in her will often bring me to tears.