Treat Your Children Well…

by irenedavid

I don’t mean give them everything they want or let them rule the house.  That is NOT treating them well.  You’ll just create a little monster that even you can’t stand to be around.

No, I mean love your children and protect them as much as you can from the evil in this world.  The sad reality is that you can’t always be really trusting of other people, even your good friends.  Don’t let your older kids beat up on your younger kids.

Teach them that God loves them.  Don’t ever use God as a boogie man.  Kids will get enough skewed information about who God is.  Make sure you tell them He loves them; that they are beautiful and have something unique to offer this world.

If you will do this when your kids are young and continue as they grow, I know from experience that they will be better people for it.

It’s harder than hell to change thought patterns that get set in a kid’s mind about whether they are lovable or of value.  When that kid grows up with those old tapes playing in her head, it will take a lot of therapy and prayer and more therapy and prayer for her to ever believe that she is lovable and has something valuable to offer this world.

Kiss your kids, even when they fuss about it.  Tell them you love them at least once a day.  They will be a balm that soothes your soul when you are older and struggling to pull yourself together.