H…E…double hockey sticks

by irenedavid

I hate misunderstandings, especially when they branch out into more than just the two people where the confusion started.

I have discovered it is one of the easiest avenues for satan to cause trouble–to begin the steal, kill and destroy mission.  That is especially true when a married couple is fighting for their marriage, and the independent healing they both need.

Let’s just say there was a misunderstanding yesterday and my therapist ended up hearing about it from me, and then he and I made an assumption about something and, and, and, and….

I am unsettled today because of all of it.  I am still trying to come to grips with the fact that my disorder might never let me “feel” God’s love for me, that that may be the thorn in my flesh for the rest of my life.  And so when misunderstandings happen that rattle my cage, needing to “feel” God’s love overwhelms me and I become frustrated and works-oriented again, which is a maddening, vicious circle.

Father, I beg you for grace, love and mercy today, and to know that I can bring you only empty hands.