Easter Lunch with Friends

by irenedavid

Ever since my husband’s arrest, our two daughters (they’re both married) have been…subdued.  They needed quite a bit of time to get past the shock and anger  When we see them now, they are very kind and loving, and we can laugh together.  But we don’t see them as much as we used to, and they don’t call us hardly ever anymore.  We still send texts and emails, but it’s not the same.

Neither one of them invited us to eat Easter lunch with them.  I don’t know if they got together or not.

But about two weeks after my husband was arrested, a wonderful couple that we had known for quite a while, but hadn’t seen in months, called and invited us over.  They have been incredibly supportive, loving, forgiving, and just all around precious to us ever since.

They invited us to their house for Easter lunch.  Their two sons and daughter-in-law, a sister and brother-in-law were there.  What is usually a family day they included us in and made us feel wanted and comfortable.

I don’t think they will ever understand how much their friendship has meant to us.  We’ve repeatedly told them we didn’t know what we would have done without them and that they are always a glimpse of Jesus for us, but even still, there’s just no way to express how much they have touched our lives.

Eating a meal with good friends.  Isn’t that one of the last things Jesus did before His death?

Bringing joy to friends who were grieving.  Isn’t that the first thing Jesus did when He rose from the grave?

T. and C., we love you.  Thank you for loving us.