What’s Normal?

by irenedavid


I particularly like this picture.  I think it’s as good a definition as any for “normal.”

We weave our way through this life carrying hurts some of which are very specific to us, things we enjoy that others detest, a sense of humor that some find weird, and love for certain people that is so strong, we’d gladly take a bullet for them.

Life throws some wicked curve balls, brings delightful surprises, and can deal sorrow that feels as though it will crush the very heart out of us.

I don’t think anyone is “normal.”  We are all divinely unique and quirky.  I enjoy reading blogs on WordPress and other blog sites just to see what other folks enjoy writing about, or what thoughts they desperately need to put into print just to get the thoughts out of their heads.

I’ve been writing “raw” thoughts and emotions here for almost two months.  Life has been a roller coaster and it helps me immensely to barf it out on this blog.

Thanks for reading.