Bad Dreams…Bad News

by irenedavid

I had bad dreams last night.  My poor husband can tell you what that used to mean for him.  Many borderlines get angry with the people they love if the people they love have done something wrong in a dream.  Yeah, that’s what I said.  I used to wake up in a bad mood and mad at my husband for something I dreamed that he did.

The more I learn about borderline personality disorder, the more I’m amazed at the answers to so many “quirks” in my life.  It’s good to know I’m not the only one who’s crazy, but it’s also disconcerting because I am crazy.

Last night, I had bad dreams.  I’m not upset with my husband; thankfully, I’ve moved beyond that behaviour, but I’m still down this morning…because of a dream.

I’ve been reading my “God-loves-me” scriptures this morning.  My therapist says this is all I know about God right now.  I have to get rid of the false theology that’s crippled me for so many years.  I just wish that could jump the circuit in my brain to the stone-cold belief wire.  I don’t want to learn coping skills for believing God loves me; I want to BELIEVE it!

Praying for a blessed Friday for all who visit here and all who are tortured by the dark hole in their soul.