Soapbox Time

by irenedavid

This blog was started to help me process a lot of what I was dealing with in therapy.  But the reason I have ended up in therapy is because my husband was arrested and lost his job, and our world splintered into tiny shards that hurt like heck when we try to pick any up and put them back together again.

So, in this second post of the day, I’m going to get on my soapbox and rail a bit.

Pornography has to be one of the greatest dangers to this country today.  Budget deficits, sequester, political bickering ain’t got nothing on the destructive power of porn. My husband is a recovering porn addict; he will be the rest of his life.  He didn’t use alcohol or drugs to dull his pain from his childhood into adulthood; he used porn.  One of the porn sites is where he got the insane idea of shooting up women’s dresses with a camera, and that led to his arrest.

Josh McDowell says porn, particularly internet porn, is the biggest danger to families and the church in this day and age.  There is no difference between churched and unchurched  in the percentages of men and women who view porn on a regular basis.  Many pastors won’t preach about it because it’s a touchy subject.

But somebody better start.

Teenagers have smart phones that can take them anywhere on the internet they want.  Free porn sites number in the thousands.  Watching porn rewires your brain much the way cocaine does.  Porn makes more money in one year than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined.

Talk about the devil’s playground.  I can testify firsthand to the damage, heartache, and agony it causes.

It’s a very real threat.