Borderline Support Sites

by irenedavid

I’ve been reading posts from other borderlines on a support website. They break my heart because I so recognize the pain, suffering, and the dark, dark night of the soul. I want to hug every one of the people who post and tell them that things can get better.
Now that I have a name for what’s plagued me for decades, I’m not sure what to do with it. I told one really good friend about it and she hasn’t called, emailed or sent a text since I told her. You know that’s a borderline’s nightmare, don’t you? You used to be my friend, but I’ve told you something a little unusual and now you’re not communicating.
Tomorrow is my 56th birthday…well, if wordpress doesn’t post this until tomorrow…Anyway, on Feb. 23, I will be 56. I have never felt so old. The past 8 1/2 months have just knocked the stuffing out of me. Being diagnosed as a borderline is just the most recent development.
So, how many people do I tell about this? The sibs who were such huge contributors to it’s creation in the first place?
My therapist wants me to confront them, but I’m not ready for that.
For now, I’m just praying and asking God why it took so freaking long for me to learn that this demon had a name and could be treated.
If you’re a borderline, you are in my prayers.