Valentine’s Day

by irenedavid

Today is Valentine’s day, the day for lovers. I have prayed that I will make it a non-drama day for my husband. The past few days, my emotions have worn him out.
I have asked Jesus to be my valentine twice today. I so want to believe that He has said every loving word to me, showered me with gifts and loves me more than any human possibly could.
Why isn’t this the natural belief in most Christians? I’ve heard enough songs and listened to the heartache of enough Christians to know that way too many of us don’t believe that we are wildly, truly loved by God.
We have so many direct quotes from Jesus about how much he and the Father love us, and yet so often it’s easier to believe the lies of satan, the liar, the destroyer, the murderer, who wants nothing more than to steal the joy of our Father loving us totally and unconditionally.
Something is wrong here. I don’t know if our churches are just to afraid to preach complete grace, or it’s just the Adam in us that cannot accept love and forgiveness on an unearned scale.
I wrestle with this several times every day, and despise how that affects my life.
Dearest Father, I want You to be my Valentine forever…every single day, every single moment.
Thank You for the other Valentines you have given me in my life. But God, I need You in a massive rain that soaks me to the bone.
Happy Valentine’s Day. Love you.

p.s. I just finished a text with a friend who is struggling with the same feelings of being unlovable. A lot of Christian people are doing a crappy job of holding others up in prayer and encouragement regarding the fantastic Grace of God.