He’s Not My Friend…So Why Am I Telling Him Such Personal Details?

by irenedavid

Yesterday afternoon and today have been pretty good. I took a cue from my husband and told God I was powerless to do anything in my own strength. I had nothing to offer Him except what He gave me. That’s tough to do when I’ve been raised to be “responsible” all my life. In my spiritual life, I have to admit I have no strength, kindness, love, compassion or goodness without Christ’s redemption.

It really helped me to begin my day with that admission. So, as is his natural bent, satan had to dig at me about something. Here it is:

My therapist is not my friend. When this season of my life is over, we won’t see each other anymore unless it’s by chance. He’s a great Christian guy, but he’s my therapist, not my friend. This causes me some heartache because the personal details I’ve verbally barfed all over him are things I feel like I shouldn’t tell anyone except a very close friend. And I’m his client, not his friend, and he will not encourage us to be friends.

Maybe when I’m not so screwed up anymore, this won’t bother me so much. But right now, it makes me sad.